Blog links?

Have the blog links in the sidebar (under my outlived their usefulness? I originally put links there so that I would have a handy list of the blogs I like to read. Now I use an RSS reader. Would anybody care if I removed them?



  1. Jeannette Randall

    I occaisionally flip through the “blogs I read” lists of people I read – would you consider making a large post that lists them out when you remove them?

  2. darrenh

    Well completely selfishly, I enjoy having my blog listed on a great site like this. Kind of an ego thing, perhaps. But I can see your point, Katja.

  3. Katja (Post author)

    I like Jeanette’s idea, and I appreciate Darren’s point, too, cause I like seeing my blog in other people’s sidebars.

    Christiane and Dorothea have both moved their blogrolls to individual pages (in fact, Dorothea’s just substituted her Bloglines page), but that sort of moves them completely off the radar.

    Maybe I just need to organize them better so they don’t look so random to me.

  4. mdmhvonpa

    slice and dice!

  5. Susan

    Uff Da! Give fair warning first, PLEASE! I have never set up individual bookmarks and have relied on your sidebar for my ‘daily bread’. I shall be lost lost lost if they all-of-a-sudden VANISH!

  6. Katja (Post author)

    No worries – I’m sure to waffle on this for many weeks or months. And of course it’s nice to know I’m useful to someone besides myself.

  7. Patricia Tryon

    Like Mark said: Slice and dice away!

  8. Christiane

    My Disability Blogroll became to long so I deleted it on the homepage. Perhaps I will add a “Best of”-list.

    You could add a link to so everybody can subscribe your links (like I do). :-)


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