Gimpy Mumpy’s feed

Now that I have discovered the joy of feeds, it’s hard to keep track of the feedless blogs (Jody, I’m talking to you). Also, I am not very bright sometimes, so even though a blog may have a wonderful link like “Subscribe to this blog’s feed” right in the sidebar, I don’t notice it, because I’m relying on Opera’s built in feed finder.

So anyway, after some tinkering, I found Gimpy Mumpy’s feed, and I’m happy about that.



  1. gimpy mumpy

    Thanks Katja :)

    I have just moved the “subscribe to this blog’s feed” link to the top of the page (left sidebar). During one of my redecorating phases I must have pushed it down towards the bottom.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    Mmmm, feeds. Would you believe that is my trade and stock?


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