A fair amount of randomness.

First, parent-teacher conferences. I have two children in high school. Their school schedules two afternoons, 3:30 – 7:00 for parent-teacher conferences. The school uses a block system,which means each child has as many as eight teachers, for a total of 16 teachers.

In order to have a conference with a teacher, you go to that teacher’s room and stand in line with all the other parents who are waiting to see that teacher. In 160 minutes, I managed to talk to 4 teachers for 5 minutes each. That’s massively inefficient, and really irritating. Anybody got ideas on what would work better?

Next, FlyerTalk. This extremely active and popular frequent flyer community has a forum for Disability Travel, but it seems to be languishing somewhat. Any suggestions on how to perk up the traffic?

On to Florence – we’re thinking about a trip there early next spring, and from what I can gather, it’s pretty much massively inaccessible. Any information to the contrary gratefully accepted.

Really random – Eldest Son has been reading Swann’s Way, and is interested in finding a parallel edition (French with English translation). This led me to a couple of interesting sites:
Le Temps de Proust – a blog about reading Proust
Reading Proust

Last, a couple of miscellaneous links I’ve recently come across:
Accessible Japan Travel Guide
An African Adventure



  1. michael

    you’re going to goddamn florence?

  2. Katja (Post author)

    Probably not, because your father has this theory that we can plan around a remission. My theory is to just go, whatever.


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