WordPress as lightweight CMS

On a different note, I’ve redone the Cantabile Singers website using WordPress. It was originally hand-coded php.

Now it’s all WordPress static pages.

Features that would really be nice:

  • Some way to reference sibling or adjacent pages
  • The ability to mark a page as Draft. It turns out that as far as the database is concerned, everything is a post. Posts and pages alike are entries in the wp_posts table, and they have a status of ‘publish’, ‘draft’, ‘private’, ‘static’, or ‘object’. Pages are ‘static’. Change that (using SQL) to ‘draft’, and now they’re draft posts, not pages.
  • A way to incorporate the content of subpages into the parent page, kind of like having a post category page.

I used the following plug-ins:

  • Static Front Page – Sticks the page with a slug of “?home’ to your front page.
  • Subpage Listing – Displays a directory-like listing of subpages where exists in the content of pages. Also, it will be displayed if a page is blank.
  • Search Pages – This makes search queries look at pages and posts instead of only posts.
  • FAlbum – A plugin for displaying your Flickr photosets and photos in a gallery format on your WordPress site.

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