Fun with

As always, way behind the rest of the world.

I got frustrated maintaining bookmarks on multiple computers, and trying to keep track of my blogroll. to the rescue.

It also prodded me to finally incorporate my static pages into WordPress. I had been resisting because I really didn’t want to update the pages. A lot of them have a “Resources” section, and I realised that those links could go into as well, with the appropriate tags, and the static lists could be replaced by feeds. There’s a good example at the very end of the Home Modification page.



  1. Christiane

    I subscribed your RSS feed today not knowing that’s your account. I just saw your interesting bookmarks. Content counts… :-)

  2. Katja (Post author)

    Hmmm – I saw yours, but of course it was obvious it was you. I didn’t think of subscribing to someone else’s account.

    I didn’t think about the social aspects. I should have used ‘brokenclay’ as the account name, I guess.


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