There are two large spiders living in my garage (there are probably lots more, but these are the ones I’ve noticed). They build orb webs that last about a week. Spider #1 seems to enjoy living dangerously; her web tends to be anchored to things like the bike rack and the garage door track. Spider #2 was always more cautious; her web is usually entirely within the window frame, very safe.

Last week Spider #1 built her new web in the window frame, which was a relief to me (I tend to hit my head against one of her anchor lines when I go into the garage), but Spider #2 has gone nuts! She’s come completely out of the window. Today’s new web is positioned beautifully in mid-air right above the hood of my car, anchored to the car hood where it meets the windshield.

Sadly, I had to drive to the packing place to send Eldest Son his care package (winter coat, anyone?). It was amazing how far that line stretched before it snapped – several feet at least. The recoil was impressive, and when I returned, Spider #2 was huddled in the middle of her mushed-up web. I’m sure she will have recovered by tomorrow.


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