Beyond the Pale

I’ve been out of step with modern fish eating for some time – whenever I order tuna or salmon, I hasten to add that I want it actually cooked all the way through. I had lunch with a friend recently who gave me hard time for wanting to kill my tuna again.

The Bride recently complained that in trendy Vancouver she was served ahi tuna “cooked through completely” for the first time. The horror!

At least I’ve found someone who agrees with me: from Canada’s Globe and Mail, Raw Deal: Bloody lamb chops and slimy scallops — why aren’t chefs cooking our food?.



  1. Jeannette Randall


    I’m not a lover of salmon anyway, unless it’s in sushi, but when I want cooked fish, I want cooked fish. Not half and half.

  2. Fritz

    I prefer my seafood cooked just right — overcooked and dried out is just as bad or worse than a little undercooked. The worst is those battered and deep-fried “salmon burgers” at Red Robin — a complete waste of good fish.

  3. Susan

    When faced with under-cooked anything, I can’t help but think about the parasites that dwell within FISH, not to mention the little denizens that can inhabit other foods. I work for a State Health Department. Cooked is the ONLY way to go!

  4. Kim

    I totally agree! It seems every time I order Salmon in a normal restaurant its only cooked halfway! Grrrr!

  5. Bumblebee

    Although I no longer eat meat, I’m totally with you on this one. I think food is best properly dead.

  6. mdmhvonpa

    Heh .. perhaps its that durned ‘slow food’ movement? If I wans sushi, I know where to go … dammit.

  7. Patricia Tryon

    Yes, I, too, have to explain that I would like my fish COOKED, not merely walked past the stove. It begins to seem like cooks no longer know how to COOK fish.


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