Little wheelchair guy abuse

This week’s meetings were in a building that our customer had recently renovated (new cubes, new carpeting, new furniture). They had also put up the new, company approved restroom signs:

restroom sign with wheelchair access symbol

Unfortunately, they neglected to actually renovate the restroom. I wanted to sneak back in the middle of the night and duct tape out the little wheelchair guy. Or add a sign saying “Ha ha, just kidding”.

Talk about adding insult to injury.



  1. sandra

    Ugh. Like putting a sign up means it’s suddenly up to code.

  2. kezzykat

    Hi Katja,

    I have come across this type of thing a few times reccently. They think it is ok to advertise ‘disabled frinedly” and then do nothing to substantiate these claims!

    i vote that you dlo go in an tape up the chair on the sign..;)


  3. mdmhvonpa

    LOL … truth in advertising? You see, it is only for Handicapped MEN … there was no dress on the hadicapped person. You know, because all women wear dresses and all. :)

  4. Brandy

    Did you talk to the manager about what happened? That is crazy! They should be really ashamed of themselves.

  5. Katja (Post author)

    Oh, they are. They’re mortified. “They” are the people who work my program, as opposed to the facilities people who are responsible. Complaints Are Being Made.

  6. James Medhurst

    I’m not sure why the wheelchair user is so much smaller than the woman on the sign. Perhaps the toilet is only accessible to wheelchair users of restricted growth.


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