Disability Blogroll

Christiane has posted an excellent Disability Blogroll. While her site is in German, the majority of the blogs listed are in English. Christiane is happy to take additional suggestions.



  1. Stephen

    Thanks, I will look over that blogroll tonight, and wish I could read German!

  2. Chris


    I am putting together a list of rockin Disability News / Blogs. Please feel free to visit my site, become a member and submit your fav’s.

    Currently we are closly following the happenings in Tennesee where the govenor has threatend to remove 400+ respirator dependant individuals from home support and wants to put them in nursing homes!!! Today is Day 23 of a sit in in his office: Fro more info and for the govenors email address please visit ->

    Thank You so much for your assistance in this matter!!!


  3. gimpy mumpy

    Yeah! I’m famous :)
    Crip World Domination here we come! Great blogroll.


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