Southern CA

Off to southern California next week (Huntington Beach). What to wear, what to wear? Something tells me my normal all black office wear will be slightly out of place.

On the other hand, it’s in the high 90s here and in the low 80s there. That’ll be nice.



  1. kezzykat

    will be a tad cooler then!

    If you are using the w/chair then it is sa mine field I have recently found isn’t it?

    I really hate the way that an outfit looks ok standing, but crap at best sitting…..

    is this a break or work related?

    have fun whatever! :)


  2. Katja (Post author)

    It’s work. I’ve got meetings at Boeing.

    The standing/sitting trick – if you’re just going to be sitting, you want your pants or skirt to be longer. I’ve started buying tall girl trousers even though I’m only 5’7″. If I’m going to be up and down, I tend to stick with comfortable stretchy skirts.

    Shirts need to have 3/4 sleeves or shorter, and not hang loose at the waist/hips, or they’ll bunch and get in the wheels. And no white!

    More on dressing for wheeling at The Well-Dressed Wheeler.

  3. imfunnytoo

    And shoes, a bit bigger than normal too, if your feet are going to be chairbound most of the day, they need to stay comfy.

  4. kezzykat

    Hi Katja,

    thanks for the tips and link! you are a wealth of knowledge to me! Hope that the meetings go well and that the humidity stays away, I guess u could do without that.

    imfunnytoo–thanks for the tips about shoes. Now you mention it my feet did seem to be squished up in my shpes at my sil’s wedding recently..never thought too much about it before


  5. kezzykat

    BTW, the link didn ‘t work but I found it thru you are famous :)


  6. Katja (Post author)

    Weird. I coulda sworn that link worked when I posted the comment. Hope it stays edited.

    IFT’s got a very good point about the shoes. It’s good to try to do something with your feet and ankles during the day – get them up on a chair, or do circles if you can. Some sort of movement to keep the fluid moving.

    Losing weight helps, too (I’m not saying that in a judgemental way; I lost 45 pounds a couple of years ago and the difference in my legs and feet swelling up was phenomemal).

  7. kezzykat

    hi Katja.

    maybe the link is ok and it is my mac?

    My weight is pretty steady and normal range but i do worry about piling the pounds on now I use the chair so much. After today and all the propelling I did, I am sure to keep it in check!!

    thanks for the tips as always


  8. Katja (Post author)

    No, no, the link was bad. I’ve fixed it.


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