Anti-disability poster boy Clint Eastwood got four Oscars.

Just as I was getting sucked in, distribution of Tysabri was suspended (how many different emotions can a person have in 30 seconds?).

We’ll have to see what other fun stuff is in store for today.



  1. Jody

    I didn’t know that about Clint Eastwood’s movies. I’ll be damned.

    And I’m sorry if you had your hopes up for that new drug… I know you’re not alone in your disappointment!

  2. Katja (Post author)

    I am normally Ms. Big Sceptic. Not in the “drug companies are the evil anti-christ” sense, but in the “let’s let a couple ten or twenty thousand other people try this new wonder drug out for a good long time before I try it” sense.

    But the hype about Antegren was so intense, I got sucked in. On the one hand, I absolutely applaud Elan and Biogen for taking the conservative approach. Epidemiologically speaking, that’s the right way to go. On the other hand, rats! I seriously wanted a treatment that worked and didn’t destroy your liver and make you stick yourself all the time.

    I liked somebody’s comment in the paper today along the lines of, we’ve learned a lot from the monoclonal antibody research into Tysabri, and that’s still a fruitful line of inquiry.


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