An Excess of Kindness

I went to the library for lunch (yummy hot chicken salad) and on the drive home wound up behind an elderly man in a very beat up old car. Turns out that he had a habit of coming to a dead stop (on a major east-west thoroughfare) for every car trying to turn out of a driveway or parking lot. Also turns out his brake lights didn’t work. We’re both lucky I didn’t rear-end him.



  1. mdmhvonpa

    What is that saying about good intentions?

  2. Erik

    In the ultra-aggressive driving atmosphere in Dallas, TX I sometimes get frustrated with drivers who are trying to be nice. Usually it involves them slowing down on the expressway when I budgeted to go behind them, and then I get stuck beside them. Usually it is a safe bet in Dallas to count on no one letting you over, and to drive accordingly; but there are those few who throw your groove off! ;-) Hard to believe there are any “nice” drive left in Dallas anymore! On the other hand I do my best to throw people’s “groove off” every once in a while too. ;-)


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