A couple of things

First, my annoying political zealot precinct captain co-worker told me that when I voted early, the political zealots would get my name and would stop annoying me.

Second, your sewing room should always be in the back of the house.


Because when you’re sewing something for yourself, frequently you find yourself somewhat deshabillée because it’s easier than constantly putting your clothes back on between trying stuff on. And on the Saturday before the election, the political zealots don’t seem to have gotten the news that everyone here has already voted, so stop coming to my house already, I’m not even dressed! (And I’m sitting in the front room, which normally would not be a problem, as we have plenty of trees and shrubs, and I don’t normally have unexpected visitors.)

Thank you.

Oh, and Kirsten Dunst and Gov. Owens and John Elway? Don’t call me anymore.



  1. mdmhvonpa

    Yeah, here in Pennsyltucky, we dont get early voting privs so I’ve resorted to removing the answering machine … just last night I got 4 calls telling me who to vote for … ugh.

  2. Katja

    Yesterday it was Rudy Giuliani and President Bush – my kids are getting really good at carrying on hilarious made up conversations with celebrity recordings.

  3. Patricia Tryon

    When the caller ID says OUT OF AREA, that’s pretty much the clue so I no longer answer and they don’t leaves messages on the voice mail. The recordings are so dumb that after the phone “answers” and begins to deliver its little nasty-gram about leave us the hell alone, the recordings just go into their spiel anyway. They never last long enough to get onto the voice mail, though. Caller ID is a godsend.


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