Treat them like you treat people born on a Tuesday

From LaurieLou, Word to the Wise

Friday at the Albuquerque airport (oh, sorry, “Sunport”) the aisle chair person (what do you call that person?) walked straight up to me with a smile, then just before reaching me did the half circle thing around me in order to start pushing me. I have no push handles and a very low back, and even though I couldn’t see her behind me, I could feel her confusion. “Good luck with that pushing thing,” I said, in a friendly way, edging the chair away from her.

“Oh,” she said. “Well, there are a couple of ramps on the way to the aircraft, be careful.” She clearly wasn’t sure I should be loose on my own.

The gate agent (nice guy, third time he’s checked me in this year) said, “Don’t worry about her (me), she knows what she’s doing.”



  1. Jody

    I loved that entry. I wish she wasn’t password protected because I would like to read more!

  2. Katja

    Password protected? I’m not seeing that.

  3. Jody

    I figured it out. It wasn’t password protection, just the way Live Journal works with it’s archives. It was one of my dumber moments.


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