Thanks to the excellent services of Paul Gutierrez of Guterriez Trucking & Landscaping, we now almost don’t have a swimming pool anymore.

I should back up and give credit to the family, especially my husband and Eldest Son, who in several brutal days of jackhammering busted up the walls and bottom of the pool, and the sidewalk around it. This included unearthing and discarding massive quantities of rebar.

We then contemplated the gaping hole in our back yard (so much larger without water in it!) for several weeks.

Paul was recommended by our neighbor. In two short days of backhoe work, the pool has been filled in and topsoil is promised for tomorrow. My husband, who assisted, says Paul is a man who really respects his machine (this is praise, in case you are ironically inclined).

From Paul’s business card, it looks like he is pretty much Have Backhoe, Will Travel: snow plowing, trash removal, general hauling, corral cleaning (this is the American West, after all), light excavation, concrete demolition, landscape site prep, grading and leveling, regravel driveways, tree trimming and removal, etc.

The dog is reassured that no one will ever force her onto a foam float and shove her, trembling, around the pool again.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Wow. That’s big progress. I have already advised my Dark Underbelly (TM) that it may as well get ready to deal with major garden envy as you get this thing under way.

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