Handcycles, Cool Rings

It’s been a fun weekend – thanks to Chris of CapricornCycles I got to demo some handcycles. It’s a real thrill to have the wind in my hair. Now I need to decide whether I would rather have a handcycle as a 20th wedding anniversary present, or the engagement ring I never got. How cool are those rings? I really like this one and these.

If I got a handcycle I’d have to fight my kids for it, they were tooling up and down the street forever in the ones Chris brought.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Cool — but I’m also pretty amused at an engagement ring being a “tension” ring. Heh. (I vote for BOTH.)

  2. Bonnie

    I looked at the picture but still can’t figure out hand cycles. ?

  3. Katja

    Hi, Bonnie, nice to hear from you again! Try this picture. A handcycle is kind of an upside down bicycle – it’s got gears like a bicycle, but you peddle with your hands, not your feet.


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