Language Abuse

Heard at a business meeting last week: “Desirement”
In a software change request: “Pair down the size of [item]”
In a list of document revisions: “Second Revision | Third Revision | Forth Revision”
In email, to indicate agreement with the previous writer: “DIDO!” (and Aeneas?)

These people have to be caught, and educated.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    By…? ;-)

  2. Katja

    Not me, I don’t have the patience. I tried to teach a high school basketball player enough algebra I to pass; that was sad – he never did figure out the bit about adding the same amount to both sides of the equals sign. And then there were my biology PhD students who had to learn enough German to get through the requirements, that was pretty sad, too. Oh, and the secretaries circa 1984 who had to learn to use a personal computer or lose their jobs. I think I might have done them a little good.


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