Firefox vs Opera

I’m getting a little annoyed with Opera (just a little). The main driver is the fact that it doesn’t display the WordPress admin screens properly.

I played with Firefox when it was Firebird, but wasn’t very motivated, so now I’m checking out Firefox again.

Opera things that I miss:

One letter keyboard shortcuts, specifically Back (Z) and Forward (X). Firefox uses Backspace and Shift-Backspace, but then I have to take my hand off the mouse.

Ditto for increase/decrease size. In Opera, it’s 0 and 6; in Firefox it’s Ctrl+ and Ctrl-, requiring two hands.

Open duplicate (clone) window. There’s a Firefox extension for this.

Go to URL – in Opera, highlight anything that looks vaguely like a URI, right-click and choose Go to URL. Not seeing it in Firefox.

One button click for switching between user mode (stylesheet) and author mode. I’ll figure this out eventually, but while I can find lots of information about creating a user stylesheet for Firefox, I haven’t figured out how to use the user stylesheet.

Open new sites by default in a new tab, not a new browser. Opera just does this, Firefox has an extension.

Undoubtedly more to come.


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