Wheelchair Tools and Airport Security

I had so little luggage for last week’s two day trip to Albuquerque, I decided to carry it on, including my folding hex wrenches. I allowed enough time to check the bag if security wouldn’t let it through.

On the outbound leg, the screener ran my bag through x-ray three times, then took it aside for a hand check, asking me if I had a Leatherman. I pointed out the wrenches, was asked if there was a blade, and then was cleared to go ahead.

On the return, I tried to save them the trouble, and pulled the wrenches out to present to security separate from the bag. They called a supervisor to bless them, but again allowed me to keep them and proceed.

My full toolset includes bigger wrenches, a couple of screwdrivers, and a pump – I don’t know if I’d get through with them.


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