Bus Accessibility tally

Latest trip bus tally: DIA’s regular parking lots, both garage and economy, were full (!), so I had to park in the Podunk parking. Bus driver number one pressed his ramp deployment button repeatedly with no effect, and told me, so sorry, but there’s a bus right after me. Bus driver number two was more effusive in his apologies, but didn’t even try to deploy the ramp – he told me he was a temp. Bus driver number three deployed the ramp and let me on.

Albuquerque rental shuttle: driver number one couldn’t get his ramp to deploy, even with driver number two helping. Number two announced proudly that his ramp was working, and it was.

Back at DIA, the bus ramp wouldn’t deploy automatically, but the dispatcher showed the driver how to open it manually.



  1. Katja

    I figured a couple more busses at DIA and I’d collapse of heat stroke anyway, which would have the same effect.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    good grief, next time throw yourself under the bus. the ambulance trip will be faster.


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