Movable Type redirects

I figured out how redirect from Movable Type to WordPress. It was a three step process:

  1. Get WordPress to make URLs for individual entries that make sense.
    • In WordPress, choose Options | Permalinks. I used the
      /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ permalink structure. After I clicked on “Update Permalink Structure”, WordPress returned the list of mod_rewrite rules I needed.
    • Create a .htaccess file in the WordPress directory, and copy the mod_rewrite rules into it.
  2. Install dirfyplus, a Movable Type plugin that enables you to dirify entry titles the same way WordPress does. Movable Type’s regular dirify converts the title to lower case, strips strange characters, and converts spaces to underscores. WordPress does the same, but converts spaces to dashes. dirifyplus allows you to specify dashes instead of underscores.
  3. Replace the existing Movable Type individual entry archive with Alex King’s redirect template, modified. I used the html version. In the original, the entry URL is replaced with
    <$MTEntryDate format="%Y/%m/%d"$>.
    This assumes one entry per day. I changed that to
    <$MTEntryDate format="%Y/%m/%d"$>/<$MTEntryTitle dirifyplus="sld"$>.
    which matches the permalink structure defined for WordPress above.

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