Triathlon, or Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Just back from the Longmont Triathlon, which seems to get smaller every year. The husband placed second in his age group, closer to his annual nemesis than ever before. The daughter placed fourth, out of four women under 20, and is very happy to have finished in under two hours. Youngest Son is crowing about having beaten his father in the swim. It was very hot, but a Good Time was had by all.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Is THAT what was going on today? I noticed some traffic disturbances in the area of the ‘hood.

  2. Michael

    I searched for “dog” again, and it seems to have pulled up the pages with ‘dog’ on them, except that it has highlighted my previous search term, which was ‘son’. Refreshing the page did not help. Thought you might care to know.


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