The older I get, the more I groom. Haircuts every six weeks (ok, every four weeks, cause it grows out so fast), that sort of thing. Now, suddenly, I want a manicure. (Actually, it’s sudden, but not mysterious – I’m getting ready to go to the wedding of a family friend that has all the implications of a 20th high school reunion.)

Yes, I know I’m shallow.

My fingernails are always short, thanks to My Life as an Active Wheelchair User. I keep my thumbnails really short, so I don’t break them. My nails always seem to be dirty. Even before the wheelchair, I couldn’t manage to let nails dry without messing them up by turning a magazine page, or something. It’s a lot of work, being vain and doing nothing for 20 minutes while your nails dry.


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  1. Fazia Rizvi

    See, this is why you get a haircut/style and/or massage/facial as well. because then you’re being efficient and not vain. Or so I told myself when I got a manicure for the first time.


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