Study confirms that sopranos really are hard to understand.

I’m having a serious “Well, duh!” moment here. I’m not a professional singer, but I have studied voice, and was taught (by several different teachers) to modify vowels when moving up in the range. Why is this news?



  1. Dorothea Salo

    Because nobody wants to admit that altos rule and sopranos drool. :)

  2. Sienca

    Just like “Chinese speakers use both sides of their brains because the language is tonal and that’s very similar to interpreting musical notes”… or some silly thing like that.

    Biggest piece of not-news, but to someone who really didn’t know, it’s amazing. =)

  3. Katja

    Well, that’s painfully obvious. But the point holds in any range.

  4. Katja

    Yeah, but somebody spent money on this! Makes the concept of scientific research look bad.

    Now, the study on why you can’t avoid making noise when unwrapping cough drops – that was worthwhile (heard about it on NPR – can’t find a reference right now).


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