Fear of Falling

Fear of falling is aimed at senior citizens, but is good reading for anyone whose balance or mobility is less than optimal.

While the advice on making your home environment safer is good, I’d like to see some emphasis on safer public environments as well (slippery marble/tile floors in department stores and other public buildings spring to mind).


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  1. Patricia Tryon

    For some reason today I was thinking about a pretty hard tumble I took in winter about 20 years ago. What stands out in my mind to this day is that as long as I was on crutches, everyone was very “Oh, skiing accident, huh?”, slugging me in the arm and such. As soon as I “graduated” to a cane, it’s no kidding that people began talking VERY LOUDLY AND SLO-O-O-O-OW-LY to me. I hope they’ve fixed the light on that damn porch.


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