Thanks to Patricia #2 for this very kind mention. Her work is well worth checking out!



  1. Patricia #2

    Thanks so much, Katja, for posting a link to my blog. But I’m wondering, how can folks find my current blog rather than my December archive? Do I need to put a link from my archives to my current blog?

    I’m still trying to get the hang of this blog-business. Keeping my own online journal for 4 years has been easy in comparison!


  2. Katja

    Most blogging systems (including blogspot), provide what’s called a permalink to each entry, and it’s conventional to use that to reference a specific entry. Your permalinks are the time and date stamp on each entry. It looks like you have a page that is your December (or whatever month) archive, and then there are links to the individual entries within that archive.

    It’s also pretty conventional to have a link to the current blog on archive pages. If you go to one of my archives, for example MS Websites, at the top you should see three links. One (“Grateful”) is to the entry immediately preceding this one, one (called “Main”) is to the main page of the journal, and one (“Walking on my hands”) is to the entry immediately following this one. Blogspot probably provides some sort of template that allows you to select a link of this sort.

    That’s just one way it can be set up. The idea is to allow your readers some sort of natural navigation through the journal. Some people have a calendar; you click on the days. Others have archives arranged by month, or category, or both. I’m bad at categorizing (I keep trying!), so I just have month archives.

    I hope this is helpful!


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