Lazy days after Christmas

This time off work thing is very fine.

I finished The Life of Pi, which my son gave me for my birthday, and The Dress Lodger, a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law. Both were very thought-provoking, not light bedtime reading.

Today my husband and I drove up into Rocky Mountain National Park and he was shocked to find out that the ranger would just hand me, for nothing, a lifetime Access Pass to the National Parks. I felt guilty (after all, disability in my case does not mean I can no longer afford to pay park entrance fees); my husband figured it was my G-d-given right as a taxpayer.

There has been very little snow, so the roads were clear. We saw several herd of elk, but not much else. It was really cold, though, and it was fun to actually experience some winter. It was too bad the kids decided not to come with us; Sprague Lake was frozen solid.

On the way back, we managed to hit the Notchtop Cafe in Estes Park just before they closed.


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