I need a new full slip, since the one I have is so 40 pounds ago. I’ve been to Target, Sears, Penny’s, Victoria’s Secret and Dillards. Have the women of the world conquered the twin problems of static electricity and thin fabrics? Because with the exception of Dillards, none of these establishments sell slips anymore. I had to explain, twice, that a slip is not a sleep garment, or a garment for other activities, but an undergarment worn between the body and the dress. I feel like 1955 Woman awakening from her 13 year coma to learn that we don’t wear girdles anymore.

And how’s this for a customer service experience?

I’m trying on slips at Dillards, but the dressing room is hair-raisingly freezing. I get dressed, go out and locate my sales associate, clearly identified as someone who works for the store both by the fact that she showed me to the dressing room and that she is wearing a nice little name tag.

Me: Your dressing room is much too cold for anyone to actually get naked in.

SA: Yes, it’s so cold, isn’t it terrible?

[Various useless employees standing around chime in with their opinions about the temperature]

SA (helpfully): You should complain.

Me: I thought that was what I was doing.


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  1. Fazia Rizvi

    You know, I’ve got three slips: one short, one long, and one full body, and I can’t remember the last time I wore one. I hardly ever see tham anymore, except in department store catalogs. But they’re still *necessary* with some dresses, so I don’t understand where they’ve gone to.


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