There’s a What in the Handicapped Space?

Gimp Eye for the Clueless Guy. Check it out.


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  1. LA

    Hey! Delighted to hear from you, as always. Thanks for the tip, but when/if I go into a chair full time in the next couple of years I’m in a world of hurt anyhow. Except for my little bathroom (grab bars, sill-less shower, crip toilet, open counter sink) there’s nothing in this house that would work as it is now. The house is parked halfway up a 45 degree or steeper slope and the front door is 15 stairs from the driveway. The stairs inside are tiny, narrow and turn halfway up. And every doorway is too narrow by far to modify. When we put the addition on in a couple years it will be done with an eye toward accessability and we’re moving the master bedroom to the ground floor and opening up the kitchen/dining area. The little library/garage will be knocked down to make room for the new part of the house, so in the mean time I’ll gimp up my stairs. (Mike DID set the risers only 5 inches up so even on stumbly days I can do them okay.) A chair couldn’t do that steep grade without a switchback or two anyhow. Sounds like you had a blast in Colorado. Estes Park is gorgeous. Take care, ~LA


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