Wheelchair racer’s win raises issue of fairness

This is an interesting one. My first impulse is to say that wheelchair cross country is a different sport from able-bodied cross country. Does cross country have the concept of an exhibition competitor? I’m very sports-illiterate, but when my kids were swimming competitively some meets had “no faster than” times. A competitor who was faster could still (sometimes) swim the event, but as an exhibition swimmer who could not place or win.


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  1. Patricia Tryon

    Well, kudos to the Oregon coaches for erring in what I think was probably the wrong direction for once in the sorry history of secondary athletics. I am guessing that maybe this cropped up in Oregon because of the golfer, Casey Martin, who is from Oregon and his well-publicized legal issue (is golf fundamentally the same game when one uses a cart for mobility? I think so, but a lot of guys in loud pants don’t agree).

    Although I don’t happen to think cross country racing in a chair is fundamentally the same as conventional cross country racing, it is interesting to see another racer’s reaction, viz. “I’ll never underestimate you again.” Good for that.


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