Oh, for crying out loud!

Town threatens to ticket boy for using wheelchair.

Updated 21.Oct.03:
Lawmakers May Get Involved In Dispute
Wheelchair flap sparks outcry, calls for fairness

And well done to Patricia, who has posted phone numbers for the town’s City Hall and County Attorney!

Updated 22.10.03:
Iowa Town OKs Wheelchair on Streets

Notice – “If 14-year-old Bryce Wiley puts a safety light on his motorized wheelchair and stays on the side of the road, police in his hometown of Laurens promise they won’t slap him with a fine.”

Why does he need to stay on the side of the road? Because he can’t get on the sidewalk. Why can’t he get on the sidewalk? Because there are no curbcuts. Why is it Bryce’s responsibility rather than the city’s? No answer to that.

And here’s the mayor’s attempt at damage control.



  1. Fazia Rizvi

    Oh. My. God. I didn’t think people could get that dense.

  2. bb

    Where on earth does one put a headlight on a wheel chair?

    We have access but why should one be forced to go the long way to an intersection when the place they want to go is in the middle of the block at a T intersection? That happens near us as the sidewalk intersections don’t line up of course.


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