I’m still here

…but my husband’s been out of town for two weeks, so between the full time job, the three teenagers (and all their activities), the dog, the cat, the little stomach virus and the new web job I’ve got, I’ve been…busy.

I knew it before but I really know it now – the reason I’m still able to work full time and function as well as I do is my husband. He does all the shopping, all the laundry, most of the cooking, most of the cleaning and most of the kid driving around. He takes the dog for a run every day. All I have to do is get out of bed, get dressed, eat the breakfast my husband has made for me, and go to work. Plus he gives me backrubs. I am really lucky.

I’m working on a website redesign for an organization my husband belongs to – it’s a fun job because the “customer” is so interested. Most customers don’t even know what they’re seeing, couldn’t care less about standards, cross browser compatibility, or separation of presentation from design.

This customer is interested and enthusiastic. They want their website to look just as good at 800 x 600 as it does at 1280 x 1024. They are listening to me when I explain the 7 +/- 2 navigation guideline. They appreciate the fact that I’m trying to standardize and correlate the information they are presenting.

Of course, they could get really obnoxious later, but for now, I’m having a good time.



  1. sandra

    Awesome! Keep on havin’ fun.

  2. Jeff M.

    Katja (I hope I spelled that right),

    I saw your post on my weblog. I did just post something today, but I guess I have just been really busy lately. Thanks for asking however.



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