They also serve who only stand and wait

I wish I could remember the exact words I heard this evening on KUNC. Something like: “…live less in the body, more in the mind and the spirit…”

I’m definitely on the physical upswing, but I wonder if I’ll ever be back to “normal”.

At work we’re getting ready for a dog and pony show that will include a short tour of our software lab (my responsibility). I’ve been getting the lab tidied up – I spent half a day last week just throwing stuff out and re-arranging boxes. I did most of it sitting down, but was exhausted afterwards.

We’ve got a couple of Sunblades with dual monitors still in boxes, and those needed to be moved out and hidden for a while. I rounded up a couple of guys and held the door open while they toted the boxes out, and felt sad, frustrated and guilty that I wasn’t toting boxes, too. Standing around and waiting sucks.

Quote for the day (Mark Rabideau):

I don’t need to wear an anti-static smock, I can’t move fast enough to generate any static electricity.


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