On the one hand, I keep getting better, and am starting to think that maybe I might hope that this is possibly the very beginning of a remission.

On the other hand, this has caused me to forget the stuff I know about pacing myself and conservation of energy. I worked a full week last week, then went to a family barbecue on Saturday, and a baptism and wedding on Sunday. I’ve worked a full week this week, plus having half the family over for dinner, going to the county fair and going to the pool with the great waterslides.

I think I’m going to vegetate for the entire weekend.


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  1. Becky

    I think slowing down and vegetating this weekend is a really good idea. It’s always so hard to continue to take things slow when one’s feeling mostly better; unfortunately, the part of us that’s not fully healed can get pretty darned cranky when we push it further than it’s ready to go.


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