Tired, Hung Over

Disclaimer: this is one of those “poor me, I’m so tired” entries. It probably doesn’t say anything new at all.

This weekend we had a lot of family in town. Friday I shopped for food and helped my son with the pizza dough; Saturday we packed everybody and a bunch of food and the heavy wheelchair into my car (so that I could drive) and drove an hour to my brother’s house.

That was my first mistake, because I was having some sort of vertigo thing going on, and turning my head made me ill. I didn’t change lanes once all the way there.

Sunday morning we got up at the crack of dawn, piled into the car, and drove 2 hours into the mountains to attend the baptism of my nephews.

At one pm we drove back down the mountain, trying to make a three o’clock wedding, but it was raining, and it was Sunday, and so traffice c-r-a-w-l-e-d, but we were only 15 minutes late to the alternate rain site, and they didn’t actually start until 3:30.

The wedding was lots of fun, and I had ONE WHOLE BEER and a small glass of champagne, and today I’m so dead and hungover I can’t believe it.

What’s irritating is that I should have gotten to drink a whole lot more to feel this bad.


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