The age-old dilemna, how to get gas today?

The choices:
Take the wheelchair.
Ease of use index: try to precision park in front of the pump such that the wheelchair fits between the car and that stupid curb the pumps are on, but not so far away that I can’t reach the car with the nozzle. Don’t forget to take a stick so that I can poke the stupid buttons on the pump.
Exertion index: wheelchair in and out of the car once.

Take the crutches.
Ease of use index: don’t worry about the parking or the buttons, or the nozzle.
Exertion index: stand, teetering, on crutches while 19.26 gallons s-l-o-w-l-y drizzles into the car.




  1. sandra

    In Oregon, there would be no dilemma, because it’s still against the law to pump your own gas. They’re working to change that, but frankly, I kinda like full serve. :)

  2. bb

    Wow something I never gave a thought too.. thanks for an eye opener.


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