Common Sense on the Rocks

I have an unreasonable prejudice against those who are unable to use the brains they were born with: Suicide Smiley on Handicapped Parking. Let’s see – no parent, child, friend of an ice skater will ever have a good enough reason to set wheel inside an ice rink? No ice rink will ever hire an employee (let’s say an adminstrator) who has limited mobility? Of course, there couldn’t possibly be an organization like the Skating Association for the Blind and the Handicapped!

Who are you to judge what public places it is appropriate for me to patronise? And as for the comment about every ice rink having steps to the stands – well, that’s just one more thing that needs to be fixed.

Ice skating: ‘You feel like you’re flying’
‘I can do it, I can skate!’



  1. Albrecht Marignoni

    Your link to the Skating Association for the Blind and the Handicapped is great.
    We met us in Dezember on the wheelchairjunki site.
    I wrote you a message, but the mail come back to me.
    Have a nice day
    Albrecht from Germany

  2. Jody

    Ridiculous. I also like the part where they say that if you are missing one leg, “no way in hell you can drive”. Hah!

  3. sandra

    *shaking head in disbelief*

    The ignorance of some people astounds me.

  4. Katja

    I’m always astonished at the lack of knowledge and imagination displayed by those who would deny access – John Stossel’s commentary (see ) leaps to mind as well.


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