You can’t get there from here

Dillard’s department store. Six sleek black heavy glass doors in a row. On the last door, the universal access symbol, with the following under it: DILLARD’S CARES ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any difficulty in our store because of…
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Too much news

How much war news is too much? How many hours can be filled saying the same thing over and over again? All of them, apparently. I like listening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered while driving to and from…
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Snowplow mysteries

Why is it that the most attractive place to pile the snow is always the handicapped parking spot? Or failing that, in front of the curbcut?

Wildlife, urban Colorado style

This morning on the way to work I saw a coyote, digging in the snow, probably for prairie dogs. I’ve seen them before, usually just standing by the side of the road or running away – this one was very…
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Low Ceilings

The curse of low ceilings…I’ve been slightly obsessed with decorating the house lately. (“Slightly?” says my daughter. “You’re channelling Martha Stewart.” No, because Martha Stewart has tons of money, and I don’t. Plus she does those goofy rose ball arrangements.)…
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