Travel with a Disability

Updated Travel Page

I’ve updated the Travel with a Wheelchair page, mostly to add some words about aisle chairs.

Huntington Beach

I’m back from Huntington Beach, Surf City USA. Sometimes you’re the windshield… If the two flights I took were any indication, United is getting better at this whole disability thing. Being trussed into an aisle chair is still pretty undignified,…
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Hotel Woes

A couple of companies ago, I travelled for business a bunch, but then I went to work for the telecom company, and didn’t travel at all, and then I got laid off, so I didn’t travel at all. Now I’m…
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Rolling Rains

I’m so pleased to see Rolling Rains online – navegar é preciso.

Airline Lawsuit

Time for Airlines to Stop Abusing Our Civil Rights We want to be treated with dignity and respect — not as a burden that the airlines carry with resentment. Not left sitting on an empty airplane for 30 minutes. Not…
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