Travel with a Disability

Hotel Woes

A couple of companies ago, I travelled for business a bunch, but then I went to work for the telecom company, and didn’t travel at all, and then I got laid off, so I didn’t travel at all. Now I’m…
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Rolling Rains

I’m so pleased to see Rolling Rains online – navegar ? preciso.

Airline Lawsuit

Time for Airlines to Stop Abusing Our Civil Rights We want to be treated with dignity and respect — not as a burden that the airlines carry with resentment. Not left sitting on an empty airplane for 30 minutes. Not…
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Trip Thoughts

Thank you, United Airlines. In four trips on and off planes on an aisle chair, I was not slammed into anything once. I was permitted to transfer to and from the aisle chair the way I wanted to. I found…
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Weekend trip to Albany! We went to see an exhibit at the New York State Museum called The Great New York Motorcycle Show, and really enjoyed it. We were very lucky with US Airways – four flights, and the gate…
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