Home Design

The Ramp has been built!

This weekend my husband and a bunch of guys from work poured a concrete wheelchair ramp along the front walk and up to the front door, and the jury-rigged plywood Ramp of Death at the back door is no more!…
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Catching up

Whoops! I must have taken the summer off when I wasn’t looking! I’ll try to catch up. On the house front, we moved in June. The new house is still not accessible, but we think it will be easier to…
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Cleaning house

What a week – we rented a 4 cubic yard dumpster from the city and filled it with junk. Many boxes of books went to the library, and many boxes of clothes went to Goodwill. The house is actually starting…
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On the market

Waiting to see about our offer. Now we have to put our house on the market – I’m going to take the rest of the week off work to help whip it into shape.

Making the offer

We think we’ve found a house we can modify – all the bedrooms are upstairs at present, but the former 2 car garage was converted to a family room, and that could probably be converted fairly easily to a ground…
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