Home Design


International Paralympic Committee: Nominees for Laureus 2005 Announced Proposal urges wheelchair-friendly home design And here is what makes this a no-brainer: Experts in architecture and design estimate the total average cost per dwelling is $98 (on a concrete slab) and…
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Our remodeling has begun. I came home last Monday evening to find that all the furniture had been moved out of the living room, and carpet removal was underway. Now the steps have been dismantled, the gas fireplace removed, and…
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Michael Graves

An article in this month’s Metropolitan Home made me aware that Michael Graves, of Target appliance fame, is now One of Us. The Met Home article about Graves’ adaption of his home for wheelchair accessibility is superficial, but this…
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One third of the bulbs are planted. I think I’ll go die now.

674 Bulbs

Now that my former pool is a garden, it’s time to find something to put in it. Today I bought: 100 iris reticulata harmony 100 galanthus elwesii 20 allium bulgaricum 20 allium purple sensation 60 scilla siberica 64 narcissus 60…
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Thanks to the excellent services of Paul Gutierrez of Guterriez Trucking & Landscaping, we now almost don’t have a swimming pool anymore. I should back up and give credit to the family, especially my husband and Eldest Son, who in…
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