Very Christmasy around here. Youngest Son went out with his father yesterday to bag a tree; they found a very nice one. It’s half decorated. We’ve been a little confused about stockings; we used to have two fireplaces, but one…
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Out in the Cold

I’m feeling very bad for my husband, trying to sleep in his truck in Limon surrounded by a bunch of big rigs (“like trying to sleep in a truck stop”, he says). I hope the night passes quickly for him…
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The boys and I had dinner at Trattoria Girasole, on Pearl Street, this evening. There was a very accomplished duo playing Greek, Gypsy, Celtic and Spanish music on violin, guitar, bouzouki: E Muzeki. We also watched the first episode of…
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At the Kitchen Table

From Eldest Son: After reading the Dialogues of Plato, Monty Python is much funnier. From Youngest Son, on being asked if he wanted to come to my (secular) choir concert: I would come if you people didn’t sing about God…
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iPod Generation

Living with the iPod generation is like living with a bunch of people who are hard of hearing.