Sometimes You Have to Check a Bag

You all know I’m pretty obsessive about traveling with only a carry on bag. But there are exceptions… This weekend, along with other family members, I attended my step-father’s memorial service. He was a veteran, and the American Legion turned…
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Dry State, Thirsty Tree

We put up and decorated the tree yesterday, so this morning I asked my Beloved to check the water and refill it. He responded, “Yeah, the cat has been drinking out of it.” How much water can an 8 pound…
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Graduation and Reunion

Thoughts from a parent and alumna on attending my daughter’s graduation from William & Mary: So hot and humid! After 16 years in the Rocky Mountain west, I can’t understand how people can live there… …but the heat and humidity…
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A Day in the Life (of my new camera)

In anticipation of our trip to Italy this fall, I bought a camera. I’m not much of a picture taking person (as my children will attest), but maybe I’ll reform. The camera came, I read the user’s manual, and today…
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Mommy moment

My clever and talented daughter’s singing group will be opening for Dar Williams!

Change in the weather

Yesterday it was in the 70s, warm and humid (for this part of the country, anyway). A truly beautiful fall day. As part of the world’s slowest landscaping project, my husband chopped down the viburnum that had completely outgrown its…
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