People in the Sky

I saw the International Space Station yesterday. I was driving home at about 6 pm. The sky was clear. As I headed west, I saw what I first assumed to be a plane, but it was long and skinny, almost…
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WISE launches!

I’ve been working on a satellite called WISE (Widefield Infrared Survey Explorer) for the past several years. My husband and I were given the opportunity to attend the launch as guests. I figured that I might never get the chance…
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Space, the Final … Something

Henceforth, in recognition of the full product lifecycle, I shall refer to my work as “creating space debris”. Go, Atlantis!

Rocket Science

About 500 people did the race yesterday. We had real numbers and everything. This morning I called the lady who was in charge of the race: Me: “Hi, I’m interested in the results of the Turkey Trot.” LICOTR: [silence, followed…
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NextSat, The End

Friday I had the privilege of being on console when we shut down NextSat. Adios, freefall in peace!