Life with a Disability

Surprised by Awareness

Sometimes it only takes a tiny thing to brighten up your whole day. After years of haphazard housecleaning chez Stokley, I hired housecleaners. Deena and Anthony came over this week to do the initial work. When they were done, Deena…
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Parachutists coming into the stadium

2011 Bolder Boulder

Another Memorial Day, which means another Bolder Boulder. The Bolder Boulder 10K isn’t just a race; it’s practically in its own time zone. It’s the third largest 10K in the US, with approximately 50,000 runners. It’s also one of the…
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Sponsor a Duck for EXPAND

Friends, I don’t usually use this space for proselytizing or fundraising, but please consider sponsoring a duck (or several ducks! They’re small! And cute!) to raise money for Boulder EXPAND. EXPAND’s wonderful programs provide recreational and athletic opportunities for people…
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Boettcher Concert Hall Seating Chart

Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver: Wheelchair Seating

Wednesday evening we went to Denver’s Boettcher Concert Hall for the first time. This is a theater in the round, the home of the Colorado Symphony. Here’s what the Denver Performing Arts Complex website says about Boettcher: Boettcher Concert Hall…
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Wheelchairs: The Morality Play

I love it: You keep walking for a few more weeks. Or a month. Or a year. Or for decades. But your walking is not a smooth, confident stride in which you strike your heel to the ground and lift…
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Wheelchair Track & Field: High School

Via The 19th Floor, an article about wheelchair track and field at Minnesota high schools: Braun, a junior at Irondale, is one of six athletes statewide competing in the first track and field wheelchair division ever. He joins fellow pioneers…
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