Life with a Disability


Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole) writes about the importance of transcripts for audio or video web content. I recently experienced the power of transcripts (or in this case, live captioning) when I attended The Strange Loop conference in St….
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HealthLine’s Best MS Blogs of the Year

I’m honored to be included among HealthLine’s best MS blogs of the year, along with such rock stars as Marc Stecker (Wheelchair Kamikaze), Lisa Emrich (Brass & Ivory), and Dave Bexfield (Active MSers). Check out all of them at Best…
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Behind the Diagnosis

I generally try to avoid obsessing about doctors, medical visits and hospital stays (both on the blog and in real life!), because life is so much more than just a diagnosis. Daphne Xiao is a medical student, soon to be…
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Explaining: It Makes Everything All Right

I had some time to kill after lunch, and decided to check out a clothing store in downtown Boulder that I had seen multiple times, but had never gone into. Getting in was a little tricky; it was slightly uphill,…
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Parking Space with Snow

The Havoc That is Snow

Snow wreaks havoc on my life. All of these things happened today: 1. I drove to the rec center. The lot hadn’t been plowed, and so the lines in the parking lot weren’t visible. The result? Eight cars parked tightly…
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