Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Postcard Blog

Multiple Sclerosis Postcard Blog – some serious talent out there: Image description: a postcard. The background is a few strands of grass with drops of water clinging to them. A picture of a Drill Sergeant’s hat sits at the top….
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What a depressing week. I’m not sure I should even write about this. My various bosses and my husband all worry that work is too taxing, and this week was the poster child for that point of view. Every day…
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Phrases I don’t ever need to hear/read again: But you look so good! I have MS, but it doesn’t have me! I’m gonna beat this thing! You either give in…or fight it. I’m gonna fight it! It’s all in the…
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It’s a freaking jinx. Everytime I write about how well I’m doing, I slide back. Remind me never to say anything about it again.

The Trouble with Remission

There’s no trouble with remission. Remission is a wonderful thing. The interesting thing about remission is that there’s nothing to write about. Life is so much less irritating when you can walk and see straight, and don’t have to spend…
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Concert Report

I went to work in the morning. I got home about 2 pm and took a nap. Unfortunately we’re having a sudden hot snap – two weeks ago it was snowing, yesterday it was 95 degF, and nobody’s ready for…
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