91-year-old bodybuilder

From the Guardian, via Krista at Stumptous: I am a 91-year-old bodybuilder: I stopped thinking about dying. As I approached 90, my focus was on getting my body back. In 2008, I signed up for my first championship.

Determined Hobbyist

Emily McQueen writes about the difference between elite athletes and “determined hobbyists” in Boston is almost here: The chance that I might come in last is likely. Mostly because the female wheelchair racing field lacks what I like to refer…
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Handcycling in the News

Handcycling in today’s Wall Street Journal: article and video. The article wasn’t bad, and I was glad to see mention of the controversy over handcycles in marathons. It was moderately amusing that the online article was in the Retirement Planning…
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Paralympic Sports Clubs

Are you disabled and looking for a place to train, learn, and play? You may find what you’re looking for at a Paralympic Sports Club. According to the Paralympics website, Paralympic Sports Clubs are: community-based programs developed to involve youth…
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Among the Lilliputians

How is it that: I’ve lost 55 pounds I’ve gone down 6″ in bra band size I’ve gone down 3 dress sizes I’m smack dab in the middle of the “normal” BMI range and my size in a cycling jersey…
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