11:00 House to Lake Park Way to Horizon Parkway to North Shore Drive, along the south shore of McIntosh Lake, then back home via Harvard. Map

Handcycles, Cool Rings

It’s been a fun weekend – thanks to Chris of CapricornCycles I got to demo some handcycles. It’s a real thrill to have the wind in my hair. Now I need to decide whether I would rather have a handcycle…
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Finding time to exercise

My Beloved and I went to the Rec Center over the weekend to play with the weight machines. I could barely do a leg curl, even without weight, but I could row at the highest resistance for ten minutes. My…
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Wheelchair racer’s win raises issue of fairness This is an interesting one. My first impulse is to say that wheelchair cross country is a different sport from able-bodied cross country. Does cross country have the concept of an exhibition competitor?…
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