Longmont Recreational Center

I’ve had good experiences at the Longmont Recreational Center. It’s a fairly new facility. It was disappointing that the city chose deliberately not to build a pool that could be used by the high school and club swim teams (we…
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Swim or Bike?

Way back when, it was kindly pointed out to me that it’s hard to have MS, a full time job, and an exercise program. Well, I don’t have a full time job any more, so it’s time to get cracking….
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Multiple Sclerosis & Exercise

When I started exercising, I didn’t really understand very much about the relationship between heat and fatigue (and other increased symptoms), so I went hunting for more information. I’ve now started to accumulate a list of resources about MS and…
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First Race

I just did my first ever actual real race, a 5K sponsored by my company. I came in at around 37 minutes (I’ll post the real time when I get it). It’s really hard to figure out if that’s any…
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3:15 Same as Tuesday. Took exactly 1/2 hour. I think I’m going to take a camera with me next time and do a separate webpage for the rides.